Which Hair Straightener

Difficult choice isn’t it with all the various kinds of hair straighteners, curlers and styler’s out there at the moment?


Hair Straightener Mother

Titanium Hair Straightening Plates

There are 3 Tips to choosing the correct hair straightener for your hair

  • Your hair type

  • Your budget

  • What you want from your straightener

Which Straightener – Hair Type

No two hair types are quite the same but some general categories apply. The three main hair categories are short, medium and thick for hair iron type. Another aspect is your hair’s general condition this can affect what type of plate to look for in your new hair straightener. Hair straightener plate technology has advanced in recent years research into the best plate materials for straightening and styling hair have resulted in many different plate material’s on the market.

Straightener Plate Size Choice Dependent On Hair Length

Short Hair – Most people go for a shorter or thinner plate if they have short hair. But with a bit of practice a medium plate model can be used to style short hair as well as medium (shoulder length hair). It’s a lot slower using a mini plate styler if you have medium shoulder length hair I would always advise to plate size up rather than down.

Medium Hair – Go for the medium standard size plate they are 15 to 20cm in width this is plenty for medium shoulder length hair styling.

Long Hair – If your hair is long or below the shoulder or if you have human hair extensions (a hair iron cannot be used on synthetic hair) I recommend you go for a wide straightener.

Good Tip: Choose a Hair Iron Size To What you Find Comfortable As A Brush Size Through Your Hair This Is A Good Starting Point

Choose Your Type of Hair Straighteners Plate Dependent on Your Hair’s General Condition

This boils down to personal choice hair straighteners come with not only different plate sizes. The hair irons on the market today have various surfaces which give different results through the hair. The most common are:-
•    Ceramic
•    Titanium
•    Tourmaline
Here’s a little more about each one remember all alloys have to be made by combining the key element like Titanium, Ceramic or Tourmaline with aluminium to make the alloy surface for the plate many of these elements start life in powdered form and are added to aluminium to make the plate surface.

Ceramic Styling Plates

These are very common across lots of different straightener types they leave the hair feeling soft and go through the hair softly. Ceramic is used for its heat conduction properties to provide enough heat as possible from the hair straightener plate to the hair in the quickest time.

Tourmaline Straightener Plates

Classed as a semi precious stone tourmaline is mixed with aluminium to create the plates for straighteners. It has long since been known and used for its relaxing properties but there is not much evidence to support it heat induction and Ion properties. It is a very smooth and shiny stone from the crystal family. From the point of view of a hair straightener due to its shiny properties it leaves the hair feeling shiny.

Titanium Straightener Plates

Titanium is a interesting material, pure titanium is found in the human body and is known to be harmless. Titanium alloy has been used to make aircraft and supersonic jets due to lightweight and strength titanium also expands under heat. Titanium is white in colour and is used also in artificial limbs and hip replacements amongst other things. Users who have used a Titanium plate hair straightener have reported its glass like feel through the hair this is thought to be the fact that titanium has one more positive Ion than Ceramic or Tourmaline.

What are Positive and Negative Ions?

This is a debate you will hear a lot around hair tools namely hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers. A simple way to understand this is through static if your hair has a lot of frizz and is hard to manage a contributing factor is static. Basically by using a hair straightener (which has a hot plate) it removes these static Ions which leave’s the hair with its smooth straight appearance.

It’s recommended if you have hair which you struggle with static and frizz a titanium hair straightener is the best choice.

In Summary

  • Figure Out  Your Hair Type
  • Decide Your Budget
  • Ask Yourself What You Want From Your Next Hair Straightener

Decide which hair straightener is the right one for you. The mother hair iron is available to purchase here


Wide Straightener

Hair Iron With The First Wide Straightener & Titanium Styling Plates Whith Adjustable Heat To 230 Degrees

The Mother Hair Styler Has Been Developed From The Ground up to Meet The Needs of Todays Busy Stylists. With The Touch of a Button You Can Quickly and Easily Change Plates from Standard to Wide. The Mother Hair Straightener is the Worlds First Dual Plate Hair Straightener Developed By Hairdressers for Hairdressers. Mother Has Brought You The Tool You Create The Vision

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