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Get lippie style, fashion, beauty and make up blog has been trying out the Mother hair straightener. The writer of get lippie is not a makeup artist or makeup professional and offers a real world approach to reviewing beauty products.

Get Lippie - Beauty Without Fuss Styler ReviewThe Mother hair straightener features in the December issue. Its ability to change plates make it a must for todays busy hair stylists.

Priced at a fairly reasonable £140 for what is essentially two sets of straighteners in one, you could do a lot worse for your Christmas presents this year!

hair straighteners have essentially remained pretty much the same over the last decade. Styles with different functions have been created but nothing as fundamental as the Mother Hair Straightener. Hair salons are loving its flexibility and its power to rise to the challenge of creating any style effortlessly. This new and different styler is creating straight, curly and wavy styles.

Titanium styling plates have been developed as titanium offers one of the best materials to straighten hair. Used in the construction of everything from space craft and sub marines titanium is light hard wearing and very strong. Titanium also expands under heat when the plates are connected this expansion give sthe straighteners its glass like feel through the hair. It also leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny in a single pass down the hair.

The styler is great for travel too it has some clever heat covers to protect the plates whilst styling and also comes with the mandatory adapter plug so the styler can be used abroad.

If you are serious about your hair you need a serious professional styler then look no further the mother styler can provide all your styling needs. One of its early titles was “Salon In A Box”

The Mother Hair Styler Has Been Developed From The Ground up to Meet The Needs of Todays Busy Stylists. With The Touch of a Button You Can Quickly and Easily Change Plates from Standard to Wide. The Mother Hair Straightener is the Worlds First Dual Plate Hair Straightener Developed By Hairdressers for Hairdressers. Mother Has Brought You The Tool You Create The Vision

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Posted in December 2012
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