Nail Art: Pointing The Creative Finger

Perhaps you’re bored of the standard French manicure and want to add some extra spice, glamour and jazz to your nails. Nail art has been a huge influence to the world of allurement and attraction, becoming a staple beauty commodity and a ‘must have’ for anyone who loves adding extra glamour to their body.

It’s funny to think that all this finger fuss originated way back in the ancient world. Once upon a time, the Chinese combined a mixture of beeswax, egg whites and vegetable dyes; whereas Ancient Greeks used the application of henna as a modest platform to decorate their nails. Back then painting nails wasn’t applied to show off beauty and grace but it reflected social ranking within communities.

Some may say that modern day nail art still plays a part in social rankings, as innovative nail art holds the ability to make big statements to your image and can boost your beauty confidence.

Modern Nail Art Designs

Whether it’s the Dark Arts collection comprising of deep and dark colour combinations, adding sophistication and composure, or it’s a more sensational and showy expression of shiny rhinestone decorations and holographic diamond designs. Nail art is big business.

If you’re after the glitz and glamour look there’s metal nail art, shiny studs and gleaming crystals. Swarovski Nail Art is a popular nail decoration for those who love to add the bling, glamour and dazzle to their finger tips. This style is great if you’re looking to be centre of attention on a night out, wedding or any other type of gallivanting that requires you to be dressed glamorous from top to bottom. Although you gain stunning results from enhancing the image of your nails many of the implementations are for one with a better word ‘idiot proof’.

Home Made Nail Designs

The beauty of nail art is that you can experiment with your very own designs. Of course, painting geometric patterns with a steady hand is a popular choice for many who want to stamp their own creations onto their nails, but it doesn’t stop there.

Word up! What’s the story? Why not try the newspaper look:

  • Apply a pale nail varnish
  • Cut some paper into two inches wide and one inch long (enough to cover each nail)
  • Dip your finger nail into either vodka or mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Press the strip of newspaper onto the nail but try to keep ultra still and let the chosen liquid soak through
  • Slowly peel off your newspaper strips
  • Once every nail is done and the vodka/mouthwash is dried simply apply a top coat of clear varnish

And hey presto! You should have your very own newspaper nails.

Whichever designs you’re going for there are always other fashion accessories that can help compliment and upgrade your image. Imagine tapping away on your phone with some funky phone covers. Complimentary jewellery, hats and scarves can also help marry your newly gleaming nails.

Featured images:

Laura Watson is a budding nail artist who enjoys creating innovative nail art and giving her advice on all things beauty and image.

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